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Filippo Tommaso Ranalli was born in Turin, where he studied visual communication and architecture. Always fascinated by the photographic media as an artistic tool, he decided to implement his self-taught studies with a degree in visual arts at ied in Turin. This allowed him to discover authors and techniques from the history of photography, and actively investigate the role of art in the current context. Passionate about the use of Erik Kessel's photography, he began in 2017 to make collective happenings and self-publish books and magazines.
Since 2018 he has been involved in representing architecture both photographically and virtually for studios and companies.
To date, he works in the field of art, aiming to provoke reactions in the viewers of his images. Questioning the interference between media supports and the enjoyment of content, to represent the hypocrisies of modern times.

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Exposition Mancanze, MICRO Rome, 10th June 2016.

Happening I've got a look,Triennale Milan , 26th November 2017.

Exposition Non conoscendo il vero nome di Dio, PALAZZO REALE Turin, 7th December 2018.

Happening An unconscionous consequence, OBLIQUO STUDIO Turin, 4th November 2022.


Book C'erano le scimmie, Turin, 2016.

Book A thousand and one faces,Turin ,2017.

Book Tic Tac Toe, GTT Turin, 2018.

Book Eic, 2018.

Magazine Wazzina#1, Turin, 2018.

Book Goodbye Fredonia, All around, 2008-2018.

Magazine Wazzina LITE, Turin, 2018.

Magazine Wazzina#2, Turin, 2019.

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