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AN unconscious consequence

The day when;
In the name of profit, individuals will be prevailed.

In the name of personal assertion, ideas will be ignored.

In the name of individualism, walls will be erected.
We will all have lost.
There is among the places, a city space, populated by people who use and animate the modern Agora. Voices, gestures and faces that prove the existence of a social carpet, which in its relationship claims the space as its own. From this relationship, between living beings and benches, asphalt pavements and trees, a community is born. Which rises above the space and claims its importance.
The day when;
In the name of community, individual virtues are recognised.

In the name of respect, the urban fabric willxadapt to the common good.

In the name of relationships, people will claim city spaces.
We will all have won.

If you attended the event please  contact me to receive your digital copy

At Obliquo Studio, passers-by in a well-known nightlife square in Turin were asked to leave a trace of their passage with a portrait. The 266 photographs taken were posted in the street, creating a series of reactions in the spectators. The selection includes 1/7 of the posted, recovered and scanned images. The passage of people and the uncomfortableness of the asphalt have generated a living grain of footprints and abrasions that are witnesses of time.

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