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L'immagine è stata realizzata con tutte le foto tramesse dai media dal 15 aprile 2019, giorno dell'incendio di Notre-Dame, al 25 Aprile 2019. Frame di TG, foto di testate e post social hanno sovrainformato la discussione idolatrando la catastrofe. l'hashtag #paris ha sostitutito la tour Eiffel e la moda con le fiamme.

Notre-Dame des journalistes

Paris, 25th April 2019

The image was made from all the photos passed on by the media from the 15 of April 2019, the day of the Notre-Dame fire, to the 25 of April 2019. News frames, headline photos and posts on social media over-informed the discussion by idolising the catastrophe. The hashtag #paris replaced the tour Eiffel and fashion with flames.

An unconscious consequence

Turin, 4th November 2022

At Obliquo Studio, passers-by in a well-known nightlife square in Turin were asked to leave a trace of their passage with a portrait. The 266 photographs taken were posted in the street, creating a series of reactions in the spectators. The selection includes 1/7 of the posted, recovered and scanned images. The passage of people and the uncomfortableness of the asphalt have generated a living grain of footprints and abrasions that are witnesses of time.


Turin, 2018 -2019

Wazzina is a self-published, ironic magazine. Containing critical and fake Adv texts, printed in 36 pages, it reads on the cover, in reassuring black lettering "Wazzina è una photozina da cesso"

I've got a Look

Milan, October 2017

How easy is it to apply a label a priori to a person or an object? In the installation at the Milan Triennale, this was done physically. Participants were asked to identify, by means of labels, the gender of objects. Having done so, they were asked to do the same on five actors of mixed sex and gender, demonstrating the complexity of the theme in a clear manner. The reactions that followed are a small sample of the level of civilisation that our territory is showing. From aggression to fear, from chorality to singularity, for two days a range of people were confronted with an issue stemming from superficiality and unconsciousness.

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